A sound strategy and proven investment models are nothing without the talented people to provide management and direction. The Leuthold Weeden Capital Management team is a close-knit group of experienced professionals, committed to superior investment products and exceptional client service.


Jeff Leadholm - Co-CEO

Jeff serves as Co-CEO and focuses his energy on the institutional research side of the business.

John serves as Co-CEO and spends the majority of his time on the asset management side of the business.

Co-Portfolio Managers / Senior Analysts

Doug Ramsey, CFA, CMT - Chief Investment Officer

Doug is the Chief Investment Officer of The Leuthold Group, LLC. He is a Co-Portfolio Manager of the Leuthold Core Investment Fund and the Leuthold Global Fund.

James Paulsen, Ph.D. - Chief Investment Strategist

Jim is Chief Investment Strategist of The Leuthold Group, LLC. He is a member of the investment committee, authors market and economic commentary, and works with the Leuthold investment team.

Scott Opsal, CFA - Director of Equities

Scott is Director of Equities for Leuthold Weeden Capital Management.  In this role, Scott oversees all processes and procedures relating to construction and implementation of the firm's domestic and global equities strategies, both as standalone products and as components of the firm's tactical allocation portfolios. 

Chun Wang, CFA, PRM - Co-Portfolio Manager

Chun is a Senior Analyst and Co-Portfolio Manager for the Leuthold Global Fund, Leuthold Core Investment Fund, Leuthold Select Industries Fund and Leuthold Global Industries Fund.

Greg Swenson, CFA - Co-Portfolio Manager

Greg is a Senior Analyst and Co-Portfolio Manager for the Grizzly Short Fund, Leuthold Core Investment Fund, Leuthold Global Fund, Leuthold Global Industries Fund, and Leuthold Select Industries Fund.

Jun Zhu, CFA - Co-Portfolio Manager

Jun is a Co-Portfolio Manager for the Leuthold Core Investment Fund and a Senior Analyst at The Leuthold Group, LLC.

Kristen Perleberg, CFA - Co-Portfolio Manager

Kristen is a Co-Portfolio Manager for the Grizzly Short Fund and a Senior Research Analyst with The Leuthold Group.

Phil Segner - Senior Analyst
Phil contributes to Leuthold research publications and is the author of the Green Book's At Random.


Bill Peterson, CFA - Senior Vice President – Institutional Asset Management

Bill markets our investment products to institutional clients.

Paula S. Mikl - Senior Vice President

Paula has responsibilities integrated across both the research and asset management divisions of the firm.

Marty Owens, CFA - Vice President

Marty focuses primarily on sales, marketing and client relationships with our institutional research clients.

Hilary Sweeney, CFP® - Vice President

Hilary focuses primarily on sales, marketing, and client relationships with our asset management clients.

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