Leuthold Hedged Equity

The strategy’s investment objective is to achieve capital appreciation by employing long and short selling strategies in domestically traded equities, including ADRs.

We are quantitative investors that seek to add value in this strategy through a combination of  1) long equities outperforming the S&P 500, 2) short equities outperforming the inverse of the S&P 500, and 3) through a disciplined rebalancing of assets.  The strategy has typically been rebalanced between the long and short strategies when one is approximately 5% or 10% larger than the other, which has varied by account.  

In implementing the investment strategy, we have utilized a quantitative process based on industry group rotation to guide the purchase and sale of long securities, our Select Industries strategy.   For the short selection process we have utilized a quantitative strategy started in 1990, our AdvantHedge strategy. 

This strategy does not use leverage, a dollar invested will be split between the long and short sides.  This strategy does not attempt to be “market neutral” in that it does not attempt to match industry/sector groups, market caps, investment styles, etc.

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