About Us

Leuthold Weeden Capital Management

Leuthold Weeden Capital Management is a Minneapolis-based investment management firm founded by industry veteran Steven C. Leuthold. Majority employee-owned, our firm acts as investment advisor for mutual funds and private investment portfolios of $1 million or greater.

Our Philosophy

We are recognized for an investment philosophy that stresses quantitative measures of value combined with recognition of fundamental and technical trends. A policy of disciplined, unemotional, and strategic investing, backed by solid and comprehensive research, has helped us establish a solid track record and achieve impressive client loyalty.

Our People

Our streamlined organizational structure encourages responsiveness and accountability. We do not have departments; we have overlapping areas of responsibility. Our internal investment committee is made up solely of managers/owners, assuring that every decision is consistent with portfolio goals and objectives.

Our business also benefits from the impressive in-house research capabilities of The Leuthold Group. Their remarkable collection of research and analysis tools brings an important dimension to our products.

We understand what is at stake with your investment dollars. We rely on our experience, quantitative research and depth of knowledge to forge investments that withstand the test of time and market pressures.

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